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queen victoria reign

Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria; 24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death. I got out of bed and went into my sitting-room (only in my dressing gown) and alone, and saw them. 161–164; Marshall, p. 129; St Aubyn, pp. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Victoria-queen-of-United-Kingdom, English Monarchs - Biography of Queen Victoria, The Victorian Web - Biography of Queen Victoria, Maps of World - Map of Victoria, Seychelles, Spartacus Educational - Biography of Queen Victoria, Undiscovered Scotland - Biography of Queen Victoria, The home of the Royal Family - Biography of Victoria, Queen Victoria - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Victoria - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up), Prince Consort Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathern, Earl of Dublin. Her reign was one of the longest in British history, and the Victorian Age was named after her. 460–461, Marshall, pp. [185], Victoria's eldest daughter became Empress consort of Germany in 1888, but she was widowed within the year, and Victoria's eldest grandchild became German Emperor as Wilhelm II. [78] In Ireland, Victoria was labelled "The Famine Queen". [70], On 29 May 1842, Victoria was riding in a carriage along The Mall, London, when John Francis aimed a pistol at her, but the gun did not fire. [206] An array of mementos commemorating her extended family, friends and servants were laid in the coffin with her, at her request, by her doctor and dressers. Premium Membership is now 50% off! [126] Slanderous rumours of a romantic connection and even a secret marriage appeared in print, and the Queen was referred to as "Mrs. She resisted technological change even while mechanical and technological innovations reshaped the face of European civilization. Victoria continued to praise Albert following his second visit in October 1839. 143–147, Greville quoted in Hibbert, p. 67; Longford, p. 70 and Woodham-Smith, pp. Her mother’s actions had estranged her from Victoria and taught the future queen caution in her friendships. 238, 241; Woodham-Smith, pp. Victoria's links with Europe's royal families earned her the nickname "the grandmother of Europe". In 1866, Victoria attended the State Opening of Parliament for the first time since Albert's death. "[183] Victoria dismissed their complaints as racial prejudice. As Victoria was riding in a carriage, Pate struck her with his cane, crushing her bonnet and bruising her forehead. [166] Ponsonby and Randall Davidson, Dean of Windsor, who had both seen early drafts, advised Victoria against publication, on the grounds that it would stoke the rumours of a love affair. Her arms have been borne by all of her successors on the throne. Although she was only 18 years old when she became queen, she was enthusiastic and determined to be a good ruler. [9] The system prevented the princess from meeting people whom her mother and Conroy deemed undesirable (including most of her father's family), and was designed to render her weak and dependent upon them. [98][207] Items of jewellery placed on Victoria included the wedding ring of John Brown's mother, given to her by Brown in 1883. [220] The biographies written by Elizabeth Longford and Cecil Woodham-Smith, in 1964 and 1972 respectively, are still widely admired. 323–324; Marshall, pp. [25] William IV, however, disapproved of any match with the Coburgs, and instead favoured the suit of Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, second son of the Prince of Orange. [74], Melbourne's support in the House of Commons weakened through the early years of Victoria's reign, and in the 1841 general election the Whigs were defeated. [170] The following month, Victoria's youngest child, Beatrice, met and fell in love with Prince Henry of Battenberg at the wedding of Victoria's granddaughter Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine to Henry's brother Prince Louis of Battenberg. The Regency Act 1830 made special provision for Victoria's mother to act as regent in case William died while Victoria was still a minor. Queen Victoria - Family Tree, Children & Sister - Biography [36], At the time of Victoria's accession, the government was led by the Whig prime minister Lord Melbourne. [77] In the next four years, over a million Irish people died and another million emigrated in what became known as the Great Famine. Lord Conyngham then acquainted me that my poor Uncle, th… Reforms of the voting system increased the power of the House of Commons at the expense of the House of Lords and the monarch. [194], Victoria visited mainland Europe regularly for holidays. He has besides the most pleasing and delightful exterior and appearance you can possibly see. The middle-classes admired her for her religious and moral views and for her strict code of behaviour. 363–364; Weintraub, pp. 221–222, Longford, pp. 412–413, Hibbert, p. 274; Longford, p. 293; St Aubyn, p. 324; Woodham-Smith, p. 417, Longford, p. 293; Marshall, p. 153; Strachey, p. 214, Hibbert, pp. Its expansion into its colonies was unprecedented and literally created its mark on the map. 88–89, 102, Hibbert, pp. [149] She preferred short, simple services, and personally considered herself more aligned with the presbyterian Church of Scotland than the episcopal Church of England. 303–304; Waller, pp. At the time, it was customary for the prime minister to appoint members of the Royal Household, who were usually his political allies and their spouses. 164–166, Hibbert, pp. "[31] However at 17, Victoria, though interested in Albert, was not yet ready to marry. 287–290, Hibbert, pp. He was her heir presumptive while she was childless. [218] Only after the release of her diary and letters did the extent of her political influence become known to the wider public. Many of the Queen's ladies of the bedchamber were wives of Whigs, and Peel expected to replace them with wives of Tories. [155] Disraeli's expansionist foreign policy, which Victoria endorsed, led to conflicts such as the Anglo-Zulu War and the Second Anglo-Afghan War. [141], On the last day of February 1872, two days after the thanksgiving service, 17-year-old Arthur O'Connor, a great-nephew of Irish MP Feargus O'Connor, waved an unloaded pistol at Victoria's open carriage just after she had arrived at Buckingham Palace. 89, 253; St Aubyn, pp. [200] She died on Tuesday 22 January 1901, at half past six in the evening, at the age of 81. [127] The story of their relationship was the subject of the 1997 movie Mrs. Brown. Victoria's household was largely run by her childhood governess, Baroness Louise Lehzen from Hanover. 206–207, 211; St Aubyn, pp. [203], In 1897, Victoria had written instructions for her funeral, which was to be military as befitting a soldier's daughter and the head of the army,[98] and white instead of black. 419, 434–435, 443, e.g. 248–250, Hibbert, pp. [1], Victoria was christened privately by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Charles Manners-Sutton, on 24 June 1819 in the Cupola Room at Kensington Palace. [102] They visited the Exposition Universelle (a successor to Albert's 1851 brainchild the Great Exhibition) and Napoleon I's tomb at Les Invalides (to which his remains had only been returned in 1840), and were guests of honour at a 1,200-guest ball at the Palace of Versailles.

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